Activities of Research Center

Ferrosplav, JSC like any dynamic company with «own person», taking care of the quality of their products and to think about the long-term development, has its own research and innovation center.

Research Center of Ferrosplav, JSC provides a full range of services of scientific and technical nature of the development and improvement of existing technologies deoxidation, desulfurization, microalloying and modification of metals and iron, improving heat treatment.

As scientific innovation center Ferrosplav, JSC conducts research in the field of sub-and nanostructures for improving the implementation of nanotechnology and metallurgy.

Research services

Research Center of Ferrosplav, JSC provides the following research, engineering and consulting services:

1. Carrying out research work on:

  • improvement and development of new technologies and manufacturing of metal castings in steel, foundry, rolling and thermal industries;
  • development and creation of new types of steels, alloys, cast irons, and manufacturing of products from these materials.

2. Scientific and engineering support their products for enterprise customers, including: leaving Ferrosplav, JSC to provide advice on the analysis of current technologies and determine feasibility of changes to improve product quality, reduce production costs, etc.

  • leasing of existing production equipment;
  • conduct the demonstration of products made Ferrosplav, JSC;
  • process design, based on the characteristics of the customer equipment and technology;
  • after the development of the technology — delivery to the customer needed to provide process technology materials and products produced by Ferrosplav, JSC.

3. Development of new products, which are made of Ferrosplav, JSC