Commissioning of the mill number 3 for the production of cored wire.

Start of production of high-quality granite rubble.

Receiving the first patent Ferrosplav, JSC for the invention.

Start development of a new production facility.


Volume cored reached 1000 tons per month.

The range of flux cored wire to 40 marks.

Commissioning in Mehanoremontny complex, JSC (Magnitogorsk) 2 secondary treatment plants iron, modification and engineering technology which is made ofFerrosplav, JSC


The range of flux cored wire has reached 30 marks.

Start-up of the camp number 2 for the production of cored wire.

Production reached 750 tons per month of cored wire.

The introduction of a quality management system — ISO 9001:2000.

The first batch of ultrafine powders of ferro-alloys, made on disintegrator.

Obtained the first positive decision to grant a patent for the invention.


Production reached 500 tons per month of cored wire.

Filing of the first application for the invention.

The first part in the international exhibition «Metal-Expo».

Produced the first silver medal for quality exhibitions and highly products — cored wire.


Creation of scientific and implementation center Ferrosplav, JSC

Organization of Ferrosplav Trade House.


Start mill number 1 for the production of cored wire.

The first batch of powder wire with silicocalcium.


Organization of production of 30% silicocalcium.

Start developing the deposit of manganese ore.

First mined manganese ore.


The base of Ferrosplav, JSC.

Start of production of fractionated ferroalloys.