Ferrosplav, JSC

Ferrosplav, JSC, was founded in 1993, is one of the leading enterprises in the CIS producing cored wire for secondary treatment of iron and steel, ferro-alloys and fine graded.

The company is composed of:

— A workshop production of cored wire of four mills with total capacity of 30,000 tons per year of cored wire;

— A workshop production of fine (less than 0.3 mm fraction) of the powder in the inertial cone-crusher, disintegrator, mill and classifier with total capacity of 5000 tons of powders;

— Land fragmentation ferroalloys in the jaw and cone crushers-inertia, vibrating screens and other equipment;

— Storage of raw materials and finished products.

Scientific research

Ferrosplav, JSC has its own research and innovation center, staffed by qualified personnel. Their main tasks:

  • Joint work with companies to improve the quality of their products and increase production efficiency, including through the use of materials made of Ferrosplav, JSC;
  • Improve consumer properties of current and development of new products, manufactured by Ferrosplav, JSC;
  • Work in the field of nanostructures and nanotechnology.